We will soon be moving over to Microsoft Teams for remote learning. In the meantime, please access your year group work below.

Technical Support

Microsoft Teams

Apple iPads/iPhones

NOTICE: Microsoft Teams Version 2.0.9 HAS BEEN RELEASED TODAY (05/May/2020) and fixes a number of the issues listed below and those that started occurring since the previous update. Please update your app as soon as possible!


If you wish to watch the daily hello/lessons on an Apple device (iPhones/iPads) then you will need to install additional software onto the device.


Minimum requirements:

iOS 10 or later

Compatible with iPhone 5S or newer

iPad Air (2013)/Mini 2 or newer

Microsoft Teams app

*Google Chrome app (Safari is unsupported and may not work on your device, causing error messages – see ‘address is invalid’ error in the ‘Troubleshooting’ section below)


Microsoft Teams – App Store


On your iPad’s web browser, browse to the ‘Remote Learning’ section of our school’s website, and select your child’s year group.


Tap on the ‘Daily Hello’/lesson video you wish to view. The Teams app will load.


Select ‘Join as a Guest’


PROMPT: If this is the first time you have used Teams, it will ask for access to the Microphone. Click OK.


On this screen, enter your first name (it does not matter what you enter here – you can view the video regardless of what you type), then click ‘Join meeting’.



You should now be able to watch the video. Once you have finished, tap the video then tap the ‘Leave’ button.



Issue 1: ‘Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid’ when selecting lesson/daily hello on website.


This can occur for two reasons:

1 – You have not installed Microsoft Teams. Install the app using the link above.

2 – If you are using the Safari web browser that comes preinstalled on your Apple device, this is not supported by Microsoft and can cause invalid address issues.


Download Google Chrome from the App Store


Go to our school website within Chrome and select the video link. This should then open successfully in Teams.


Issue 2: Teams is asking for a login when opening a video

Update: 05/May/2020 – Update to the latest version of the Teams app v2.0.9 through the App Store. Microsoft has provided a fix for this issue.


Issue 3: Teams will not let you ‘Join meeting’ after entering your name when viewing as a guest.

Update: 05/May/2020 – Update to the latest version of the Teams app v2.0.9 through the App Store. Microsoft has provided a fix for this issue.


Microsoft Windows Computer/Laptop

When viewing from a Microsoft Windows computer, you do not need to download any additional software.


Browse to the Remote Learning section on our website, select your child’s year group, and then click on one of the lesson/daily hello links.


A new web page should open saying ‘Watch the live event in Microsoft Teams’. Select ‘Watch on the web instead’.



On the page that follows, select ‘Join anonymously’. You do not need to sign in with an account – the videos are publicly viewable.



The video will then load. When you have finished, you may close the browser window.