Parent share - photo gallery

Safiyyah engaging in a PE session with Joe Wicks

Zayan enjoying his P.E session with Joe Wicks

Check out Zoha’s amazing castle to encourage everyone to stay safe indoors

Polishing up on number formations

Hafsah has been busy making sun catchers to hang in her garden. 

Abdullah has been busy designing and painting his very own bird house to attract birds into his garden. I wonder how many birds he’s spotted so far?

Home Spa! How chilled does she look?

Maimoona has made some yummy gingerbread men today. 

Ayat has been busy these last few weeks creating the sea life and enjoyed making the sea creatures and the treasure box. Her favourite is the big blue whale.

Tehreem has been busy exploring Animals & their habitat in her science topic 

Aryan has been a busy chef in the kitchen making pizza. 

Zara has made a fantastic poster to show her support for the NHS. Well done Zara! 

Haris has baked this delicious cake with his mum and sisters

Maryam and Eesa have been planting vegetables and flowers, whilst enjoying the sun safely in the garden! They were even lucky to have a BBQ! 

Iyaad and Esra help their mum make orange cake. 

Khadijah has been revising her time tables. Well done! 

It’s always great to see siblings supporting each other. 

The best way to cool down in this heat! Yesssss!!

Hafsah has also been busy revising her time tables. You super star! 

Keeping in touch with their spiritual side. Keep us all in your duas girls. 

Getting dolled up to take selfies…and more selfies…and more selfies! 

Zayan’s Ramadan Good Deed Tree. He is very keen to learn more about Ramadan and share stories with his sister.

The Khalid sisters have been busy making their Ramadan calendar. 

Fatima made this drawing with her Aunty’s help. Stay home. Stay safe. Thank you NHS

What a lovely rainbow painting Rayyan. 

Check out Zayan’s fire engine he’s made. Awesome work! 

Safiyyah, Abdullah and Maariyam are painting some lovely still life paintings of delicious fruit.

Zainab has been busy baking. What a scrumptious cake! 

Hafsah, Maimoona and Abdullah made a masjid named ‘Masjid Al Kawthar’. How impressive!

Abdullateef and his sister have been busy decorating their room for the Ramadan Competition. Looks great guys! 

Lanterns to decorate their home. Great work Maimoona, Hafsah and Abdullah.

A ramadan message for all from Madiha. How sweet. 

Add a little sparkle to your Ramadan decorations just like Mrs Usman has. 

Some thoughtful duas presented in a creative way by Mrs Usman and her daughter. May Allah accept everyones duas.

Aryan wrote a message to his Aunty who works for the NHS. How thoughtful of him. 

No caption needed 🙂

Asalamu’alaykum and Ramadan Mubarak to everyone. We have been decorating our home for Ramadan. In Shaa Allah this Ramadan we hope to pray for everyone to keep safe and well and do lots of good deeds. Ahmed & Umer 

Ayat has been busy gardening in this lovely weather. 

Ramadan Mubarak from Ayub!

Hafsah and Maimoona made some home made Iftaar treats with their mother, mmmm yummy for their tummy. Can you guess what they are?

Ms Munir and her daughter have made a ramadan calendar. Have YOU made yours? Why not give it a go?

We made lava lamps and it was epic! I’ve learned how to measure liquids like oil and best of all the lamp glows in the dark!

Fatima enjoying the sunshine with her baby sister Zahra.

Ramadan mubarak to you too! 🙂

Ramadan decorations looking beautiful girls! 

 Masha Allah! Check out Mohammed’s targets for the 30 days in Ramadan.

Meet Forky & Spoony. Safiyyah enjoyed recreating these from her favourite movie – Toy Story 4! I love it! 

Zain has made a zoo at home for his animals

Zain has made glasses for Miss Mahmood!

Safiyyah helped her mummy make these chocolatey little desserts for Iftari..mmmm they look lush!

Amna Aqeel made a ramadhan greeting for all.

Zayan loved mixing rice snaps and chocolate together for a snack.


All set for a lovely iftar.

Abdullah is fascinated with colours so he’s  making a blueberry tree 

Hafsah and Maimoona thought it was time to make their parents a healthy iftaar. I like the different ways in which you girls have been creative in presenting the fruits Masha Allah 

Ramiz enjoyed making these vegetables. Peas, carrot and radish made from recycled items. How clever! 

Nida’s lovely decorations. 

Aryan has also made some glasses for Miss Mehmood. How thoughtful of you.

Safiyyah’s reward for learning Surah Kausar by heart 💕Masha Allah! Well done Safiyyah! 

Humzah getting his daily exercise. 

What a stunning photo of the star lit night sky! Sent in by one of our star gazer. (“,)

Sara  has made her own lantern tree for Ramadan! I love it Sara, well done! 

Fatima is enjoying her Ramadan gifts and decorations. 

Fatima loves helping her mother in the kitchen preparing food for iftar. 

Wow Riham. That marble cake and pretzel looks so tasty! You’re making my mouth water! :-p

Delicious pancakes made by Madiha. I am loving the presentation. 

I was busy decorating my room for Ramadan. Hope you all like it and share yours as well. Zara 

Zainab has made a very beautiful origami roser💐

Zainab’s beautiful Ramadan decorations

This lovely art is made by Shaaf & his elder brother

During this pandemic, Amara madam is too busy helping GP Practices and pharmacies with PPE supply.

Hello everyone! I made a poster for the NHS to say thanks. I even went outside and clapped on Thursday. I made the poster as nice as i could and wrote the things that they have done  for us.😁😁! Regards Eshna

Amna and Aizah made mosques in their arts and craft activity! – Well done!

We made a model of the Ka’ba! – MashaAllah

I explored my creativity and made this! – We love it!

Hello everyone ! Today I made a vegetable bagel. I chopped the tomatoes, chilly and cracked the eggs. It was pretty good – even my mum liked it! 

Chef Aryan is back! These look delicious!


Zuhayd has taken part in the Sweet house challenge. Very creative!


Zoha from the zoom baking class today. These look amazing!


I have made this chocolate rose cake by myself and decorated it. I also made some cupcakes and pizza with my mum. I made the dough and added all the topping on myself I added peppers, pineapple, onion and sweetcorn with Mozzarella cheese. We enjoyed it for iftari time.


Zain Has made these lovely biscuits! Yum! 


Assalamualaikum everybody !!!

hope you are doing well .theese are the last ten days of ramadan which means we should do more acts of are some facts that i learned about laylatul qadr:

  • It is known as the night of power

  • It is better than 1000 months {which is about 83 years}

  • It marks the night which the quran was revealed to the prphet muhammad {saw}

some things to do in laylatul qadr is recite the quran,make dua,donate to charity,repent {ask for forgiveness} and many acts of ibadah. please keep me in your dua’s

from madiha


Baking away with her classmates and teachers via zoom class. 

The cookies were so yummy. Safiyyah shared them with all her neighbours and cousins, she also sent some to Miss Mahmood to enjoy 😊