Year 6 – Learning about Shakespearean Plays

year-6-learning-about-shakespearean-playsStrictly Shakespeare!
Date: 20.03.13

As part of the IPC topic ‘Time Travel’ pupils in Year 6 have been learning about the impact of William Shakespeare in the Tudor times and how he transformed the way people enjoyed entertainment and leisure. They also considered the role of Shakespeare in English Lit-erature and why he is still remembered today.

Children took part in the ‘Strictly Shakespeare’ workshop, led by the Big wheel theatre company. This interactive workshop looked at Shakespeare as the great entertainer of his day. The show brought to life the Comedies and Tragedies and offered pupils a great first taste of this literary genius. Children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, and were able to appreciate the brilliance of Shakespeare first-hand by taking part in live theatre. The workshop focused on the following aspects:

year-6-learning-about-shakespearean-plays2 The structure and atmosphere of the Globe Theatre

 Disgusting Deaths!

 Our own version of Shakespeare’s most famous play Hamlet



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