An overview of the main changes under GDPR and how they differ from the previous directive

The school has been working to ensure that all its practices relating to data protection are compliant with the new laws, this has included:

  • Conducting a self-assessmnet of readiness for GDPR
  • Reviewing all documentation from, ICO, IRMS Toolkit
  • Completion of an in-depth audit, checked by CEFM (our HR provider), of all data processing in the school
  • Attendance at training for GDPR readiness
  • All staff have completed on-line GDPR training
  • Reissue of Privacy Notices for anyone associated with the school
  • Issue of OPT-IN email for information about the school
  • Regular meetings to work through the 12 steps to the GDPR
  • Information for staff, governors and parents in emails
  • Review of contracts with our suppliers
  • Requests of privacy notices from all our IT providers, eg: Parentmail, ParentPay, IT histing, CPOMS, SIMS etc
  • Review of policies: Data Protection; CCTV; Freedom of information


Click on the link below to learn more about GDPR at Iqra 

GDPR Data Protection Policy


Parent and pupil FPN


Governor, Trustee & Volunteer FPN