Welcome to Year 6

As Year 6 is the final primary school year, it is inevitably the most eventful year for our pupils. Eventful in terms of their learning, responsibilities, clubs, trips, performances, booster contingencies and transition to their secondary schools as well as many other opportunities. Our pupils have a thirst for knowledge and a strong love for learning. This is where the Year 6 team work very closely to ensure we provide them with the best education to reach their goals – helping them achieve their aspirations they hold within their hearts.

During your child’s time in Year 6, End of Key Stage 2 SATs is central to all learning. Pupils are expected to sit a Reading and Maths exam during the summer term.

Reading – plays a crucial part in our pupils learning as the more they read, the further their vocabulary will enhance their learning. We support our pupils in helping them to consolidate their knowledge of a range of fiction and non-fiction texts.

Writing – They develop skills related to planning the key features of these texts, as well as practising their ability to write at length.

Mathematics – it comprises of further developing the speed and accuracy of mental calculations and reasoning.

We wish all our pupils the best of luck!


Year 6 gallery

An unforgettable experience for our Year 6 pupils who had the opportunity to visit St Briavels Castle. Have a look at our video to see the journey unfold…


Catch up on Year 6’s goodbye message to all pupils live from BBC Radio Berkshire…

Year 6 pupils took part in the demonstration held in central London to raise their opinions on the issue of climate change.