Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to phenomenal Year 5!

My name is Mr Saddique (Meticulous Mathematician) and I am thrilled to be a part of the learning journey of Year 5 with our remarkable students. Along with me on this voyage, I have the Scintillating Scientist, Miss Ehsan and our very own Grammar Guru, Miss Shahid. We are also privileged to have an Amiable Assistant, Mrs Virdee who has years of wisdom. 

Learning in Year 5: From revolutionising our Writing lessons to offering a vast spectrum of mathematical strategies, we in Year 5 know what it takes to be successful! Our young historians are given the opportunity to discover the versatile history of Great Britain.

In Year 5, pupils have been instilled with the confidence to lead their own learning and inspire their peers every day. They look forward to challenges and are ready to strive towards a successful future.

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Year 5 Autumn Term – Curriculum Letter

Year 5 Autumn Term Planning – What was life like for children in the Victorian times?