Writing at Iqra

Writing is not just one skill that is taught further down the school and then practiced. It is a progression of skills that start as soon as your child picks up a pencil or crayon at home and it forever continues. At Iqra writing is taught across the curriculum in all subjects and there are clear expectations of presentation and letter formation.

Writing has many elements; phonics, spelling, grammar, genre (type), handwriting and presentation. All of these develop through a child’s learning and some elements may be easier to pick up than others. Writing can be taught at word level – the type of words e.g. verbs, nouns adjectives and at sentence level, statements, commands and questions and then how it is structured. Children can be at different levels in different aspects.

Writing is closely linked to reading and phonics. Once these are developing the child then is able to apply this knowledge into different contexts or genres. These are styles of writing e.g. a story, a report or a play script. Another aspect of writing is grammar which is once again taught throughout the school. The more reading opportunities a child has the more their writing will develop.


Writing Curriculum
Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Year 1 Stories with familiar settings Traditional Tales. Stories from a range of cultures.   Stories about fantasy worlds. Poetry: Really Looking
Year 1 Labels, Lists and Captions. Poetry: Patterns on a page   Non Chronological Recounts/Dictionary Recount: Fact and Fiction
Year 1 Poetry: Silly Stuff          
Year 2 Stories in familiar settings Stories from around the world Explanations Non chronological reports    
Year 2 Recounts   Stories from the same author Character descriptions SATS Poems – really looking
Year 2 Instructions Patterns on the page       Adventure stories
Year 3 Recounts Narrative Poetry Narrative Adventure Persuasion Recounts
Year 3 Instructions Non chronological reports Discussion Explanatory Narrative Journalistic writing
Year 4 Poetry Play scripts Discussion Narrative mystery Persuasion Narrative dilemmas
Year 4 Narrative adventure stories Recounts Journalistic writing Non chronological reports Instructional Journalistic writing
Year 5 Narrative Persuasion Non-Chronological
Narrative Poetry Narrative Narrative
Year 5 Discussion Recount Explanation Instruction Writing to inform Persuasion
Year 6 Story writing in
historical settings
Journalistic writing Persuasion Discussion SATS Recounts