Event 2 – County Champions year 6 and Runners up for year 4


Event 3 – Slough winners for years 1 and 4. 3rd place in the county results.



Iqra has a holistic approach to delivering sport across the school. The main emphasis is letting every pupil learn in a fun, competitive environment whilst learning how to lead a healthy lifestyle. The curriculum is broad and wide and explores a whole range of topics such as Netball, Cricket, Athletics and Gymnastics to name a few. External Professional coaches visit the school on a regular basis, which opens up avenues to explore new sports (Archery, Boxing). The pupils also get to explore the outdoor world and have trips to Go-Ape (High Wire course), adventure water centres where they can try their hand at Kayaking, Stand-up Paddle Boarding and even Rock climbing. To push one’s own boundaries is not only good for their confidence and self belief, but also an experience they will have for life. To see our progression of PE skills, click the button below:

Pe Progression of skills

 “Wow! I love playing sport.  It’s so cool competing against other schools. The other day, due to our sportsmanship and fair play my team were asked to represent Slough in the Tag Rugby county finals. Totally awesome!” Quote – year 4 pupil


Leading a healthy lifestyle is paramount in today’s society. Iqra has taken on this challenge and is leading the way across Slough in delivering and providing opportunities not only for the pupils but for the staff and parents alike. Working closely with Slough Borough Council, Iqra is hosting a number of different projects, such as:


Iqra is proud to announce that the school has achieved the Sainsbury School Games PLATINUM Kite Mark. Iqra is the first school in slough to achieve this prestigious award.

Every year the school strives to be the best school in Slough and further afield in delivering outstanding sporting opportunities to all its pupils. Iqra has excelled in achieving the highest award.

The Sainsbury’s School Games Mark is run by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and is implemented and developed by the Youth Sport Trust and Sport England. The Mark rewards school’s for their commitment to and the development of competition, school sport and physical education throughout the year.


DAILY MILE SCHEME: is a project where every pupil and member of staff walks or run a mile each day. Exercise has been proven not only to get you fitter but actually makes you brainier!

LET’S GET GOING: This club is a programme especially designed to work alongside the parents and pupils to educate everyone on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Every member of staff is getting a free health check and local links have been set up so parents and pupils can access free local sporting facilities. Every pupil knows the importance of a healthy heart. With regular exercise and the correct diet, Iqra is taking the right steps in improving everyone’s lives.