Mathematics at Iqra is about exploring, reasoning and challenging thinking, rather than learning rote rules for calculations and facts. While memorising key facts is essential in early mathematics, once children have acquired the basics, these skills are used and applied in real-life contexts.

As a cross curricular subject, it encompasses other curriculum areas which include Science and Technology. The subject is taught in a practical and interactive way so that the children can develop and enhance their skills.

The principles and features which characterise teaching of mathematics at Iqra are:

  • Teachers reinforce an expectation that all pupils are capable of achieving high standards in mathematics.
  • The large majority of pupils’ progress through the curriculum content at the same pace. Differentiation is achieved by emphasising deep knowledge and through individual support and intervention.
  • Teaching is underpinned by a methodical curriculum design and supported by carefully crafted lessons and resources to foster deep conceptual and procedural knowledge.
  • Practice and consolidation play a central role. Carefully designed variation within this builds fluency, reasoning and problem solving which underpins these mathematical concepts. Concrete and pictorial representations of mathematics are chosen carefully to help build procedural and conceptual knowledge together. The focus is on the development of deep structural knowledge and the ability to make connections. Making connections in mathematics deepens knowledge of concepts and procedures, ensures what is learnt is sustained over time.
  • Teachers use precise questioning in class to test conceptual and procedural knowledge and assess pupils regularly

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