Welcome to EYFS

Ms Hersi

Read with me and let’s bring
stories to life. Fill your
imagination with ideas, dress up
and transform into the
characters you love.


Ms Shuwekh

I love getting messy and using my
imagination to create things. You
will often find me covered in
glitter and paint in the art area.


Ms Mahmood

I love science and all things
space related. Travel with me
through space to see the stars
and the moon. I will teach you
all about our wonderful world.


Key Workers


 Ms Younos

If you ever feel down or need a helping hand, I am always here.


 Ms Mehmood

I love numbers! Let’s go on a number hunt and see what we can find.


Mrs Ashraf

I love phonics! I will turn you
into super readers and


Ms Williams

If you feel like dressing up,
share your ideas with me and
we will make costumes


Ms Cumar

I love getting messy in
the mud kitchen
making muddy treats!
Come and join me.


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