Class Teacher   Teaching Assistant
R1 Ms Mahmood  

Ms Cumar

1.1 Mrs Patima

R2 Ms Shuwekh Year Leader

Ms Khan

Ms Williams (1 to 1)

R3 Ms Hersi  

Ms Mehmood

Ms Richardson

1:1 Mrs Ikram Assistant Head

Ms Younos

Mrs Lane (1 to 1)

1:2 Ms Pearce  

Mrs Hussain

Mrs Jaunaii – phonics 1.1 intervention across key stage 1 and year 3


Mrs Rafique (3 days)

Mrs Saqlain (2 days)

Year Leader  Mrs Ashraf
2:1 Ms Khalid  Year Leader

Mrs Kamran

Mrs Khatoon (1 to 1)

2:2 Mr Mahmood    
2:3 Ms Marsh   Mrs Khan
3:1 Ms Clements  

Ms Mahmud

Ms Nasir (1 to 1)


Mr Z Saddique

  Ms Hussain

Ms Naeem 

Year Leader  

Ms Rockett

Year Leader  

Mrs Mouladad


Mrs Ali – am

Mrs Khan – pm


Mrs Khan (3 days)

Mrs Bilal (2 days)


Mrs Kalyan (am)

Ms Mahmood 1.1

5.1 Ms Ehsan  

Mrs Simoes (1 to 1)

Mrs Virdee

5:2 Mr Saddique Year Leader  
5:3 Ms Shahid    
6:1 Ms Munir  Assistant Head  
6:2 Mrs Ansari Year Leader  
6:3 Mrs Usman    

Year 6 Intervention

Ms Dhillon/Mrs Kashmiri



Senior Management Team

Dr Maher – Headteacher

Ms Munir – Assistant Head

Ms Rockett – Assistant Head

Ms Dhillon – Assistant Head

Mrs Ansari – Assistant Head

Mrs S Ikram – Assistant Head

Mrs Smith – Business Manager

Safeguarding Officers

Ms P Dhillon                 SENCO (Qualification achieved)

Mrs S Ikram                   Deputy Safeguarding  Lead

Ms Marsh                       Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Additional Learning Staff

Mrs S Spurling                  Senior Learning Mentor

Mrs S Richardson             1-2-1- Reading Support

Mrs S Rauf                       Speech and Language TA

Mr T Islam                         MFL/RE teacher

Mr Z Kajee                        MFL teacher

Mr M Malik                        MFL/RE teacher

Mr U Valu                          Media/ Music and ICT teacher



Admin Staff:

Ms S Anderson          PA to Headteacher

Mrs S Malik               Home School Liaison Officer

Mrs Butt                    Reception

Ms A Parris                Office Manager

Mrs J Bhambra          Reception

Mrs P Hussain           Welfare Office

Mr A Gadhia              Site Manager

Mr A Gadhia              Site controller

Mrs Relf                    Bursar

Cover Supervisors

Mrs S Kashmiri

Mrs N Ruan