Class Teacher   Teaching Assistant
R1 Ms Mahmood   Mrs Ashraf
R2 Ms Shuwekh Year R Leader Ms Younos
R3 Ms Hersi   Ms Mehmood
1:1 Mr Mahmood   Mrs Hussain
1:2 Ms Salim   Ms Williams/Mrs Kamran

Mrs Rafique (3 days)

Mrs Cooper (2 days)

Year Leader Ms Khan/Ms Khatoon
2:1 Ms Khalid  Year Leader Ms Khan
2:2 Mrs Ikram Assistant Head Mr Khan
2:3 Ms Marsh   Ms Khan/Mrs Khan
3:1 Ms Clements   Ms Ifzal

Ms Nazneen

  Ms Simoes

Ms A Munir

Year Leader  

Ms Rockett

Year Leader  

Ms Naeem

  Ms Saeed

Mrs Khan (3 days)

Mrs Pathima (2 days)

  Mrs Ali
5.1 Ms Ehsan   Mrs Khan
5:2 Mr Saddique Year Leader Mrs Virdee
5:3 Ms Shahid    
6:1 Ms Munir  Assistant Head  
6:2 Mrs Ansari Year Leader  
6:3 Mrs Usman    

Year 6

Ms Dhillon/Mrs Kashmiri



Senior Management Team

Dr Maher – Headteacher

Ms Munir – Assistant Head

Ms Rockett – Assistant Head

Mrs Mistry – Assistant Head

Ms Dhillon – Assistant Head

Mrs Ikram – Assistant Head

Mrs Smith – Business Manager

Safeguarding Officers

Ms P Dhillon                 SENCo (Qualification achieved)

Mrs S Ikram                   Deputy Safeguarding  Lead

Ms Marsh                       Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Additional Learning Staff

Mrs S Spurling                  Senior Learning Mentor

Mrs S Richardson             1-2-1- Reading Support

Mrs S Rauf                       Speech and Language TA

Mr T Islam                         MFL/RE teacher

Mr Z Kajee                        MFL teacher

Mr M Malik                        MFL/RE teacher

Mr U Valu                          Media/ Music and ICT teacher

Mr S Sheikh                      Media assistant

Mrs J Kalyan                     Librarian 



Admin Staff:

Ms S Anderson          PA to Headteacher

Mrs S Malik               Home School Liaison Officer

Mrs Butt                    Reception

Ms A Parris                Office Manager

Mrs J Bhambra          Reception

Mrs P Hussain           Welfare Office

Mr A Gadhia              Site Manager

Mr A Gadhia              Site controller

Mrs Relf                    Bursar

Cover Supervisors

Mrs S Kashmiri

Mrs N Ruan

Mrs A Bilal

Mrs Saqlain