Message from the headteacher




Have you seen any of our #Fit2FightCovid marketing thats up across #Slough

Now's the time to move more to boost your immune system ready for the winter!

Slough is now in tier two of the national covid regulations. This covers the whole borough and all residents. Please follow the regulations and help keep all people safe.

Parents and carers, the deadline to apply for a secondary school place for your child next year is 31 October 2020🏫👇

Slough is now in covid tier two HIGH area. There are new restrictions covering the whole borough and all residents. Know them, follow them - even if you don't like them - please. -
Cllr Pantelic: "We do not want to lose any more of our residents, our community to this virus."

A tree top adventure today for Year 4. What a lovely way to end a successful term #wellness #Wellbeing #Health #teamwork #active

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