Remote Learning for Pupils with SEND

Welcome to IQRA Primary School’s Specialist Support Page.  At IQRA we value each and every individual child and aspire to ensure that all pupils meet their true potential in all areas of learning. Therefore this specialist page has a range of resources and videos that will ensure to support pupils and families in ensuring that all pupils are able to access a range of activities 

Please take a look and use the resources that are available for your child(ren) 

At IQRA Primary School whilst we recognise that most pupils will be able to continue their learning via a remote platform during a period of self-isolation, we understand that some children with Special Educational needs will face particular barriers. For this reason, we will make the following adjustments to the remote learning plan:

For those pupils with Special Educational Needs there are live daily sessions facilitated by the teacher. The Teaching assistants will work with specific children including those with SEN in breakout rooms. In the breakout rooms they will offer support in order to access learning tasks and to provide differentiated activities which meet their targets. The live teaching sessions would also be consolidated by Home Learning Packs, if the parents require additional activities that support the learning. 

For pupils with an EHCP plan, some pupils are in school while other pupils are working remotely from home. The EHCP pupils are taking part in a combination of :

  • Daily live sessions online with their teachers via TEAMS. Breakout rooms are being used with an additional adult to ensure their needs are being met
  • Use of the Specialist Support Page 
  • Home Learning Packs that are individualised to meet the pupil’s needs. This is in the form of activities, games, visual resources and other appropriate material for home learning. 

Dependent on the needs of the individual, we would expect that these children would also access any live video sessions that the teacher provides to the class.

For those children with recognised SEND and on our SEND register, but who are able to access the mainstream content of lessons, we would expect them to follow the main programme of learning set by the class teacher.

We would ask that the parent/carers of these children liaise with the class teacher to report on how well their child is able to access the learning, so that any further adjustments can be made.

For our pupils who have an Education Health Care Plan and for some of our SEN support learners we have offered a wealth of support through the resources that have been provided. At IQRA we have provided the following to the families of these pupils that require the support:

  • Personalised home learning packs
  • Additional resources to support learning such as number line, games, word banks, visuals
  • Devices to access remote learning
  • SIM cards with 30GB of data
  • Weekly calls from the SEND team
  • Additional support for parents when they require this
  • Continuous discussions with external agencies
  • Free School Meal Vouchers


Below is a timetable for the Specialist Support Page. Please use this timetable when accessing the resources below as it will offer a routine and short-burst activities for the pupils


Weekly sessions

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