At Iqra we believe that the purpose of Initial Teacher Education is to equip teachers with the relevant knowledge, understanding, skills, attitudes and behaviours so that throughout their training they meet the cognitive, physical, emotional, moral, social and aesthetic needs of the pupils in schools.

Both Iqra and the universities are deeply committed to the notion of teachers as reflective practitioners. In order to develop as effective teachers, it is essential that students have opportunities both to practise their classroom skills and to reflect on and develop their practice. To become a “reflective practitioner” requires close, supportive relationships between Partner Schools and the University. This partnership works to provide the best possible professional environment for student teachers to reach their full potential.

IQRA’s agreement with our partner universities:

The agreement is designed to meet the development needs of student teachers on the full-time PGCert Primary course. Iqra and the Universities will jointly contribute to the completion of the student teacher’s Training Documents and Profile of Student Progress. These register the evidence that the student has met the Teachers’ Standards (2012).



Quotes from tutors

“Very impressed with the session, I’m grateful….The session was more concise, practical, applicable and useful than any planning lecture or workshop I attended on my PGCE.” University Trainee Teacher

— “All the students are doing well, but I was particularly impressed with Tom and Sara today. Tom in particular has made remarkable progress from his starting points and has moved from being one of the weaker to being one of the strongest students I have seen this year. This is largely thanks to all the help he has had at IQRA and the exceptionally high quality of support he has had from his mentor. Whatever you are paying her it’s not enough!!!” Brunel University Tutor

— ‘The school works at a pace I have not experienced in any of my other placements. The CPD is well thought through, exceptionally well delivered and all of the schools objectives clearly transfer to the classroom. As a result of this all children progress at a far faster rate than I could ever of imagined’, (University PGCE Student).