How we adapt our teaching for children with SEND

Children with SEN are taught alongside other children in their class, however lessons are designed so that all children in the class learn and make progress. We do this by planning Quality First teaching – ‘differentiated’ lessons, in which children are able to work towards different learning goals within the lesson, or are provided with extra resources to support their learning.

  1. Every class teacher plans, monitors and provides support for pupils within their class including children with SEND (the dark blue wedge at the bottom of the triangle).
  2. Additional teachers and/or teaching assistants may provide individually targeted interventions beyond normal class lessons. Class teachers can access support from the SENCO to help them make provision for children with SEND (the middle wedge).
  3. If necessary, a child with SEND may be supported with 1:1 adult support, and their timetable personalised further (the top of the triangle).



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