What we currently do in school?


There is mounting research that suggests that a person’s emotional wellness has a significant impact on their ability to learn, enjoy life experiences and form positive relationships.  For this reason, Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) provision is weaved throughout the school curriculum and daily experiences.  This starts at the beginning of the day where the class teacher takes the time to meet and greet pupils as they enter school, there are planned lessons, assemblies and targeted group activities that teach children how to reflect on their own feelings, strategies for developing resilience and problem solving to overcome barriers. All members of staff encourage children to talk to them regularly about any positive or negative events going on in their lives so that pupils always feel they have a trusted, and emotionally available adult to talk to while at school.

 When the school is made aware of events that may impact on a pupil’s wellbeing or concerns parents have, information is shared swiftly and confidentially with the relevant members of staff so that support can be put into place for both the pupil and family.  We have a positive behaviour policy and pastoral care policy which identify how we operate in a manner that supports the mental wellbeing of all pupils. 

 At IQRA we recognise that pupils may require emotional support at specific times in their life. For this reason, the school ensure that there are range of interventions that are available for pupils to meet their needs.  If further support is required, IQRA will gain advice from external agencies such as SEBDOS, CAMHS and Early Help but to name a few.

School Interventions to Support Emotional Well-being